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Rossland's not like some resort towns where the "town" feels more like a "strip mall." No, this is the real deal with many boutique experiences that you can't find anywhere else on earth. Many are part of a leisurely stroll down historic Columbia Avenue so you can leave the car at the hotel and only go get it if you find something too big to carry. (Hey, it happens…)

As you might imagine, all things "sport" are well-represented in Rossland, from soft shell jackets to keep the elements off your hide to new forks for your bike to a new putter made of rare earth elements. But the domestic romantic will find no shortage of wares in our shops, either, from gourmet kitchen supplies to overlooked antiques to cozy outfits destined to become borderline uniforms you like 'em so much. (Best part? Nobody back home will show up to your next book group wearing the exact same thing.)

And keep in mind that, as of print time, the incredible US Dollar/Canadian Dollar exchange rate (+/- 30%) was such that shopping here for our American friends is akin to legal shoplifting. It'd be immoral not to pick up a few things…criminal almost! Do the right thing.