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Fused glass art by Christy Holden.

A glass artist’s vision lies somewhere between the photon wave a scientist observes when light travels through glass, and the simple appreciation of shape and colour we feel for the glass we use and handle daily. This contrast – scientific and artistic – simple and complex – is what attracted me to work with glass, and encouraged a love for it as an artistic medium. I am, quite simply, fascinated by glass.

I feel lucky as an artist because glass is already integrated into our lives in so many ways. I am presented with endless opportunities to bring original design and creative inspiration to daily life through glass. I play creatively and challenge myself by applying original design to historically standardized glass forms, and explore nontraditional glass applications. In my opinion, society is growing in its appreciation of art and creativity in all forms, and each of us are seeking to surround ourselves with more colour and creative expression. I am thrilled to be a part of it.

1885 Earl
Rossland, BC