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We might be more famous for our mountain biking here but ask any of the hardcore roadies 'round Rossland and they'll tell you what you're hoping to hear anyway: You just made it to skinny tire heaven, my friend.

Escape the traffic of the big city and find out what those big gears are really for. Whether you prefer our quad-burning, lung-busting climbs or passing sports-cars on technical, switchback-laden downhills, Kootenay climbs always come with a payoff. Our stomping ground is like a more user-friendly Tour de France: Satisfying climbs on winding roads. Tight corners that open up to storybook views. No altitude issues. (No attitude issues, either.) Pure, delicious tap water. And the real "yellow jersey": A steady supply of organic bananas courtesy of the gourmet grocery store in town.

So blow that city soot out of your pipes and turn down the traffic. And, if you need tubes, tools, leg razors, or some better shorts to do away with those saddle-sores, Rossland area bike shops are a roadie gold mine—with the right gear at the right price and insider tips on area rides.