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Modern Canadian hospitality grew out of necessity. Many (other) areas of the country have brutal winters and sparse populations so, in the olden days, welcoming a stranger in could be a matter of life and death. Now that we all have GoreTex and heated seats and protein bars and espresso on every corner it's less of an issue, but that warm tradition lives on in Rossland whether you stay in a deluxe hotel, stylish motel, B&B, condo, or your Uncle Garry's hog barn. And, while we actually have one of the most pleasant climates in Canada, we'll still welcome you in like it's the days of the Gold Rush and your fingers are falling off from frostbite. We might even ask you to catch your own dinner for old time's sake.

Where you stay can influence how you play, so take a close look at Rossland's many accom options in the pages that follow and be honest about your needs and wants. If you're more into coffee and shopping and a 3pm Caesar, stay close to town. If you prefer the hooting of owls and chattering of woodland creatures as you drift off into the deepest sleep of your life, stay out in the sticks. From mountain bike friendly options with safe space for all your spendy gear to ultra-civilized B&Bs more focused on relaxing conversation, good books, and hot baths, we are confident that our area boasts a perfect place for you and/or your group. One person in the tub at a time, please...

Before You Even Ask: Yes, most of our accommodations have wireless but we've found that people are often less fascinated by their phones once they get to the Kootenays and look around. It's strange… Even Facebook has a hard time competing with our eye-popping natural beauty. (In fact, kittens watch videos of Rossland and go awwwwwwww!)